Tanning and Sun Bed FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Why tan indoors?
You are in a controlled environment which allows you to control uv exposure times without the risk of burning.
How old do you have to be to use a sunbed?
By law, to use uv tanning equipment, you must 18 years or older.
What should I wear to tan?
Some people wear underwear, but most tan naked to avoid tan lines. You should also wear eye protection, this is very important to protect your eyes from the uv rays. We sell reusable goggles.
How long does a tanning session last?
Depends on your skin type, and gradually building up your minutes. we also recommend not to rush tanning sessions to achieve your ultimate tanning goals.
Why use tanning lotions?
It’s really important to use tanning lotions as dry skin reflects uv light. Without using a lotion can cause moisture loss, loss of elasticity and collagen loss. Tanning lotions speeds up the tanning process by drawing the uv light to your skin so you get the most out of your tanning session. Studies have showed that tanning lotions help achieve tanning results up to 60% darker. They also add vitamins & nutrients your skin needs to produce melanin.
Are sun beds easy to use?
Yes our sun beds are very easy to use. Once the tanning consultant puts your minutes on, you have 3-4 minutes delayed time to apply your tanning lotion. After the delayed time, your sunbed will automatically come on and your tanning session minutes will come on the display box on the wall. If you are ready before the delaying time then just press the blue button on the display box on the wall and the sunbed will come on. If you need to stop the bed, press the blue button again.
How many tanning sessions will it take to get a tan?
To build up an incredible tan, you must have a few tanning sessions a week to start off with, depending on your skin type and also leaving 24 hours in between. Everybody tans differently but you should see a change in colour after a few sessions and by using a tanning lotion.
How do I keep my tan?
Tan extenders are designed to be used after tanning and everyday in between tanning sessions to extend the life of the tan and prepare your skin for the next tanning session.
Most moisturisers from the high streets contain SPF or alcohol which are not tanning friendly. Alcohol will dry the skin and cause it to peel/flake, therefore the tan will not last as long.
Luxura Sun Beds Happy Tan
Luxura Sun Beds Happy Tan