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At Happy Tan, we use the world’s best tanning beds utilising the latest technology from Luxura and MegaSun that will give you the ultimate tanning experience.

  • Our Tanning Beds Feature:
  • Aqua cool
  • Air Conditioning
  • Aroma
  • Bluetooth
  • Shoulder Tanners
  • Vitamin D Tubes
  • Ruby Collagen Boosters
  • Surround Sound System

Boost Your Vitamin D Levels!

Boost your Vitamin D levels, studies show that sunlight is the natural source of vitamin D, unlike supplements, sunlight produces vitamin D long term.
By boosting your vitamin d levels you can;

  • Reduce your risk of viruses
  • Boast your immune system
  • Reduce chronic muscle pains
  • Reduce your risk of depression
  • Linked to weight loss
  • Feel great!

Australian Gold Tanning Lotions

Tanning Lotions

We also offer a range of tanning lotions. Our main range is from the world’s favourite Australian Gold which delivers high levels of bronzing, exotic Australian ingredients, and nourishing oils with unique formations for the darkest tan and healthiest skin.
What is your Skin Type?

Skin Type

As summer slowly creeps closer and closer, the temptation of getting your pre-summer glow started is hard to resist. Some brave the chill and don shorts, some embrace the self-tanning Sunless life and others go for a twelve minute holiday. Whatever your choice, you do you. But make sure you do it SAFELY.

When used irresponsibly, sun-beds can lead to skin damage, which is caused by overexposure and spending more time on the acrylics than is safe for your skin type. However, if a sunbed is used correctly, not only will it give you a golden, even tan, but it can also increase your vitamin D levels.

Just as people react differently to basking in the sun depending on the colour of their skin, using a sunbed is no different. Although the lamps create artificial light, the UV rays emanated are similar to sunlight. Because of this, knowing your skin type before bronzing on a bed will help to develop a golden glow without harming your skin.

Skin Type 1

In reaction to natural sunlight, this complexion has a very high risk of sunburn, with their skin transforming from a glistening white to a volcanic red before returning to their original snowy hue. People with this skin type are very fair, usually with a lot of freckles, either red or sandy hair and blue or grey eyes.

For people with this skin type, the Sunbed Association strongly advise that they do NOT use a sunbed due to high risks of burning and thus, skin damage.

Skin Type 2

This second skin type is also reasonably fair however not necessarily with accompanying freckles. People with this complexion usually have blonde to brown hair with blue, green or grey eyes. Their reaction to natural sunlight is fairly similar to Skin Type 1 in the way that they have a high burn risk, however tanning is not off the table.

It is recommended that people with this skin type take great caution whilst tanning, both whilst using a sunbed and sun worshipping. Sunbeds usually encourage light tanning, similar to the colour that would be developed by direct sunshine. It is recommended that this category of people spend no more than five minutes on a sunbed per session.

Skin Type 3

People in this bracket have a complexion which varies from reasonably fair to light brown. They have no freckles but dark blonde to brown hair and grey or green eyes.

Although their risk of burning is lesser than those in Types 1 and 2, it is still a possibility so they must take care and build up their exposure gradually. This would allow for the build up of a moderate glow without the risk of skin damage.

Skin Type 4

For people with Skin Type 4, burning is rare as their complexion tends to be a light brown accompanied by dark brown hair and eyes. Instead, their tan is rapid and deep.

A maximum usage of 15 minutes per session is suggested for this complexion however it’s also important to be cautious on initial exposure as the first sessions should be moderate to avoid skin damage.

Skin Type 5

People in this category seldom burn due to their deep brown skin, dark hair and eyes. This complexion has its own natural protection causing tanning to be rapid and deep.

It is recommended to spend no more than 20 minutes per session baking however, like for Skin Type 4, it is strongly advised to exercise precaution during initial exposure.

Skin Type 6

Tanners with this skin type have their own natural protection. Due to their skin’s very dark hue, black hair and dark eyes, people in this category never burn in natural sunlight but instead tan rapidly and deeply.

The maximum exposure on a sunbed for this complexion should be 22 minutes, once again with the recommendation to begin with moderate exposure to avoid skin damage.

Luxura Sun Beds Happy Tan
Luxura Sun Beds Happy Tan